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Criminal Law

G-Law Firm, plc represents clients accused of criminal offenses in State Courts, Federal Courts and Military Courts. Whether the charges are serious felonies or misdemeanors, the consequences can be severe, not only because of the threat of incarceration, but also because of other considerations such as the effect of a conviction on employment, civil rights, and security clearances.

Family Law

The attorneys at G-Law Firm, plc understand how emotional and difficult family law matters such as separation, divorce, child custody, adoption, visitation and division of property can be on all parties involved. When you find yourself facing these types of difficulties, take advantage of the free initial consultation for prospective clients and give them a call.

Gochenour Law Firm,plc is…

Engaged effective, competent and reliable legal representation.
G-Law Firm,plc understands how important a client’s legal issues are and is committed to being by the client’s side at every stage of a legal process. G-Law Firm, plc will concentrate in the areas of criminal and family law, and represents clients in Hampton, Newport News, York County, Poquoson, Williamsburg-James City County, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Isle of Wight, Chesapeake, and Gloucester and Matthews County courts.

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